Photo by  Alex Brescanu

Photo by Alex Brescanu

Brad Meese's work explores themes of space and perception within the urban environment. His images speak to his understanding not only of the technical aspects of his craft, but also to his unique artistic vision, combining elements of documentary photography with a cinematic sensibility that challenges the viewers perceptions of a landscape- the city - that is familiar to so many. These talents and vision are also extended toward Meese's work in the natural environment, work that reveals and conceals its subject matter , often employing elements of the subject itself to obscure or illuminate the landscape. Meese has exhibited largely in the Chicago area where he also lives and works. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University (1999), and following that completed a one year specialized photographic program at Focal Point Visual Arts Learning Centre in Vancouver (2001).


Technical Note:

All photos are shot IN camera. IN camera means that the image you see is what I saw through the lens when I pushed the shutter button. There are a few exceptions where I have cropped the image and that is all. There is no layering, dropping in of skies, changing of colors, or any tricks being employed. I feel this is important to say because with the Reflections photos people usually think I have layered images over each other to achieve the effect. This is not so. It is also important to point this out so that the viewer is aware that this is true vision, not some modern technical trick, which I assure you I don't even know how to do. My technical approach is extremely straightforward. I shoot my digital camera on Manual just like a film camera. I use photoshop just like a darkroom. I lighten or darken an area and use contrast only to get the photo to look as it did to my eye, nothing more.