Ranging from the Midwest, Southwest, West, Northwest, and West coast of America, as well as Hawaii, this is a small selection of nature photos I've taken over the years. Some of the photos were shot on color slide film, mostly Fuji Velvia, and some are more recently shot digitally.

That being said, Nature photography to me is the most rewarding and uplifting of all the subjects I photograph at any time, but especially at sunrise, late afternoon like the photo above, and sunset. At sunrise, you have picked a good location and are waiting in the dark for the unknown. To be present physically and mentally for the unfolding of the morning light, to have your gear ready to go, to be in a beautiful and quiet place, is like serving your soul divine nectar. If you are lucky, you may catch unbelievable sunrise colors that light you up from within, or you may get a cloudy morning. Either way, to be in nature at that time of the day is always good for you. Late afternoon can be very rewarding as well in its own way. The sun at a low angle always turns up the saturation dial on whatever it is hitting, giving you a very dramatic, warm light that is inviting. Whatever the time of day though, nature cleans the head and the heart and leaves you fresher than you were before.