The Reflections Series seen here was shot from 2007 to spring of 2017. It all began after I moved to Chicago 11 years ago from New Orleans in an attempt to escape the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The first thing I noticed when I arrived downtown Chicago was all the glass skyscrapers. It seemed natural to start shooting reflections as they are everywhere. I didn't think much of the work at first because it was so easy to see, but my peers could see that this was something I should explore. As time passed here, I started on a personal  journey inward through meditation and the Reflection Series took on another dimension for me, opening me up to deeper vision and intuitive understanding that goes beyond words. After all, words are only pointers to communicate what can only be understood on a level beyond them. This is why art is so powerful, it is the real language. I hope these photos transport you to another dimension within you, one beyond mere words, to a state of stillness. 

As stated in my technical note, these photos are shot in camera. This means that what you see here is what I saw through the lens when I pushed the shutter button. There is no layering or other tricks being employed to achieve the effect.