Prints: Sizes & Pricing


To order a print, please email me at with the title of the photograph, the size, and type of print.


Inkjet prints are printed with High end Epson printers and Epson inks to produce a professional quality print that is archival. I offer Matte, Luster, and Glossy finish. 

Sizes & Pricing:

  • 8x12 - $40
  • 12x18 - $75
  • 20x30 - $150
  • 24x36 - $180
  • 32x48 - $400
  • 40x60 - $600
  • 48x72 - $750
  • 60x90 - $1000
  • 72x108 - $1250



Often seen in fine art galleries, this bold, high gloss finish brings images to life. Image colors appear more brilliant and sharper than in a traditional picture frame. The inkjet print is made first, and then mounted to make an "acrylic sandwich" that does not require framing. The mounted piece is the frame. One can print the image " full bleed " or leave white around the border of the photo.

- The Print is face mounted to 1/8" acrylic.

- The back of the print is adhered to 1/8" dibond (aluminum composite)

- The total product is accented by smooth, polished edges.

- 3/4" deep, recessed packframe is adhered to the back to give "floating" effect.

Sizes & Pricing:

  • 8x12 - $200
  • 12x18 - $300
  • 20x30 - $700
  • 24x36 - $850
  • 32x48 - $1,500
  • 40x60 - $3,000


The work is printed on chromaluxe board which is a wood composite. The material provides the necessary look that makes the artwork really pop. The finish of the material is super glossy and makes the colors truly vibrant. No paper can provide the look that the chromaluxe material gives. 

- The process for the Chromaluxe print is Sublimation. This is a two part process which uses specialized inks and a heat press to infuse the artwork into the material. The artwork is literally embedded in the material and will never fade or scratch off. It is also UV protected. 

- The finished product can be traditionally framed or it can have wood mounted to the back the shape of the piece with an open slit to slide over a nail to hang. The Chromaluxe final product is quite light compared to a regular frame. 

Sizes & Pricing:

  • 8x12 - $150
  • 12x18 - $275
  • 20x30 - $550
  • 24x36 - $725
  • 32x48 - $1250
  • 40x60 - $2500
  • 48x72 - $3200